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The House


Here’s a little before and after action of 1859, aka “The House”.  Many of these changes have occured over time, not all at once, and are still occuring.  I’ll try to keep the photos up to date but this should give you a taste of what I was working with on closing day compared to the cozy home I’ve turned it into (or at least made my best attempt)! Most of the “before” photos were taken on the day I closed on the house prior to moving anything in. And most of the photos were taken via cell phone, thus the poor quality.


This room would technically be considered the “formal living room” but I also wanted to have my dining area in this room since its connected to the kitchen and my dining set isn’t too elaborate.


The kitchen is by far the biggest changes I’ve made to 1859. It started out with original pine cabinets, old laminate countertops, and what I’m pretty sure is the world’s first oven. A little paint (yeah, make that A LOT of paint), some IKEA butcher block counters, tiled floors and back splash, and new appliances later I entered into the 21st century.


The den probably rivals the kitchen for biggest changes made. What a world of difference a good coat of paint can make, especially when that paint is covering a large room of paneling. The den also includes a breakfast area; I removed the beautiful {not} orange breakfast bar and replaced it with a much more practical and good looking bar table and stools.


AKA, the master bedroom. Since 1859 was built in 1953 large master bedrooms weren’t really in the picture yet.  So this bedroom isn’t that much larger than the guest bedroom. This also means that the closet is certainly no “master closet”.


AKA, the guest bedroom.


As the only full bathroom in the house it definitely needed some work to make it feel more roomy and up to date. Removing the shower doors, replacing the light fixture and mirror, and adding a gorgeous yet low cost granite counter did just the job.


This room is part of the addition from the 1970s (hence the patterned wallpaper) and was meant to be a dining room. I found I could better utilize it as an office and with the bay window it sure has a nice very of the yard and surrounding nature preserve.


The previous owners left a washer and dryer which I replaced with the newer washer and dryer I already owned. Thanks to Dad, the floors got a nice update from stained linoleum to tile – the same tile used in the kitchen and bathrooms.


I’m ashamed to say that as of now there is no after picture for the half bathroom because it looks exactly the same as it did on closing day. As you can see it is certainly in need of some updates and it has been on my to do list for quite some time.


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