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more crochet baby boots

I recently finished another pair of crochet baby ankle boots with matching crochet rose headband that David bought as a baby shower gift for one of his coworkers. I’m so lucky to have a great boyfriend who is supportive of my hobbies and my new Etsy store!!! 🙂 You know that Handmade Ryan Gosling blog I mentioned last month? Well I’m pretty sure David may be even better than than!

I also made a pair of cute pink boots with lace covered buttons, now available in my Etsy shop!


a handmade christmas, continued

Christmas has come and gone so I can share the rest of my handmade gifts without spoiling any surprises. Giving gifts was much more exciting this year with the two new people in my life – baby Clara and David! A baby girl just NEEDS crocheted gifts. And a boyfriend just NEEDS a crocheted wool hat!

handmade ryan gosling

If you know me, you know I love Ryan Gosling. And I’m talking even from back before he was in Crazy Stupid Love and The Notebook. I saw this new website, and I’m kind of obsessed. Basically its hot pictures of Ryan Gosling encouraging/making you laugh about your handmade stuff/blog/etsy store. So yeah, check it out – Handmade Ryan Gosling. Like now!

a handmade christmas

I’ve really been enjoying making things lately, especially things that are gifts for others. Obviously I can’t share all things yet because I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas present, buttttt here are a few things I can share.

nia's birthday present {ok this is not a christmas present, but its still handmade} - hearts sewn around her and austin's honeymoon locations on an antique map from the early 1900s

nia's christmas gift - her and austin's wedding invitation made into a keepsake ornament

paper snowflakes. are making a comeback! maybe i'm a little too excited about these things and topping every wrapped gift with them

the stockings are hung and presents are under the tree, all that's left is some cold weather and snow

where's waldo? reina may be hiding because she heard me talking about bringing out the santa cat hat again

i've worked on a lot of new pieces for my etsy store! and then my family bought most of them haha

PS – thanks Pinterest

its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Once Thanksgiving comes the rest of the year pretty much flies by. Its been a busy few weeks and I’m sure the next few will be as well! Here’s some things that have been going on.

ate lots of good food on Thanksgiving

hung out with the fam in Southern Pines

went to an NC State basketball game in Reynolds

went to an NC State football game

NC State won

babysat Clara

started reading The Hunger Games

made a Pinterest inspired candle

went to a Christmas tree lot

found the one

decorated the tree

and last but certainly not least, went ice skating outdoors

crochet baby boots

This week I made the cutest, most adorable boots for Clara. Jennifer found a picture of some and asked if I could make them and a week later…

A new pair of grey boots with cool brown/black wooden buttons!

Look how stylish she is!




STUDIO{1859} on ETSY!

The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to start an Etsy shop. As you may have noticed ever since my blog began there has been a link to Studio{1859} on Etsy and beside of that link it has said <<still in progress>> because I haven’t gotten around to actually making things to list in the shop.

Long story short, it only took 8 months after creating the shop on Etsy to list the first item for sale. So click away and take a quick peek to see that the link no longer says still in progress but says OPEN!

PS – If anyone reading this is actually interested in purchasing an item and I know you personally then ask me for a free shipping code and I’ll hand deliver!