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a handmade christmas, continued

Christmas has come and gone so I can share the rest of my handmade gifts without spoiling any surprises. Giving gifts was much more exciting this year with the two new people in my life – baby Clara and David! A baby girl just NEEDS crocheted gifts. And a boyfriend just NEEDS a crocheted wool hat!


a handmade christmas

I’ve really been enjoying making things lately, especially things that are gifts for others. Obviously I can’t share all things yet because I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas present, buttttt here are a few things I can share.

nia's birthday present {ok this is not a christmas present, but its still handmade} - hearts sewn around her and austin's honeymoon locations on an antique map from the early 1900s

nia's christmas gift - her and austin's wedding invitation made into a keepsake ornament

paper snowflakes. are making a comeback! maybe i'm a little too excited about these things and topping every wrapped gift with them

the stockings are hung and presents are under the tree, all that's left is some cold weather and snow

where's waldo? reina may be hiding because she heard me talking about bringing out the santa cat hat again

i've worked on a lot of new pieces for my etsy store! and then my family bought most of them haha

PS – thanks Pinterest

its beginning to look a lot like christmas

Once Thanksgiving comes the rest of the year pretty much flies by. Its been a busy few weeks and I’m sure the next few will be as well! Here’s some things that have been going on.

ate lots of good food on Thanksgiving

hung out with the fam in Southern Pines

went to an NC State basketball game in Reynolds

went to an NC State football game

NC State won

babysat Clara

started reading The Hunger Games

made a Pinterest inspired candle

went to a Christmas tree lot

found the one

decorated the tree

and last but certainly not least, went ice skating outdoors

my jeep

I failed to mention my favorite present in my birthday post. You may or may not know that my dream car is a red Jeep Wrangler, an old one – possibly even a CJ7, one that I can take the top down and the doors off and just cruise. So, naturally I told David this was what I wanted for my birthday. Being the great boyfriend that he is, he got me one. From eBay. Shipped all the way from Hawaii. He took me outside, told me something was waiting in the driveway, and there it was! Parked there so perfectly! Only one problem… I forgot to specify I wanted one that I could fit in.

And just in case you’re wondering, yes, the top and doors do come off.

quarter of a century

This past weekend was my 25th birthday. This year it fell on a Saturday, which meant I got a whole weekend (yes, 3 days!) of celebration. Friday night my wonderful boyfriend took me to dinner at Cajun Queen and then to the movies to see Ides of March (hellllllo Ryan Gosling!).

Saturday morning (my actual date of birth) we served at the Habitat ReStore as a part of the What If Everyone service project with Mosaic Church.

Then I spent some time with family at my brothers house adoring my niece Clara Jane. Brian decided my new nickname to be “Auntie M” (think Wizard of Oz)… now Clara just needs to learn to say it!

Next it was time for LASER TAG PARTY! Yes, I specifically requested a laser tag party for my 25th birthday. David planned a great party which involved 12 others joining me at Laser Quest for two intense games of laser tag. [I’d just like to note that I did come in 4th place in our second game. Heck yeah megapizzle!] The games were followed by some hanging out at my house and about 4 rounds of Mafia. Unfortunately for David he didn’t get to actively participate in any round because he was killed off first nearly every time.

Sunday morning started out with church service at Mosaic Church and I was joined by my family, David, and Hannah. Mom made lunch for everyone at Brian’s house, fried rice and ham – by request. Followed by presents and confetti cake. A halloween version of confetti cake, apparently the real Funfetti is not available all year long.

And the whirlwind weekend was wrapped up with a much anticipated ride on David’s motorcycle wearing none other than my new grey boots! I’ve been asking almost every day for 2 months and he finally took me for a ride. Now I’m thinking maybe I should get my own?! Or just make David take me for a ride every week.

Thanks to everyone who joined for any or all of my birthday celebration weekend! Who doesn’t love feeling loved? 🙂