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a handmade christmas, continued

Christmas has come and gone so I can share the rest of my handmade gifts without spoiling any surprises. Giving gifts was much more exciting this year with the two new people in my life – baby Clara and David! A baby girl just NEEDS crocheted gifts. And a boyfriend just NEEDS a crocheted wool hat!


a handmade christmas

I’ve really been enjoying making things lately, especially things that are gifts for others. Obviously I can’t share all things yet because I wouldn’t want to ruin anyone’s Christmas present, buttttt here are a few things I can share.

nia's birthday present {ok this is not a christmas present, but its still handmade} - hearts sewn around her and austin's honeymoon locations on an antique map from the early 1900s

nia's christmas gift - her and austin's wedding invitation made into a keepsake ornament

paper snowflakes. are making a comeback! maybe i'm a little too excited about these things and topping every wrapped gift with them

the stockings are hung and presents are under the tree, all that's left is some cold weather and snow

where's waldo? reina may be hiding because she heard me talking about bringing out the santa cat hat again

i've worked on a lot of new pieces for my etsy store! and then my family bought most of them haha

PS – thanks Pinterest

the first pair

Here they are… the first pair of completed handmade cold porcelain rose earrings!

I’ve actually finished a few pairs at this point (and a ring and a necklace and pendants). I just need to snap a few more pics and then the Etsy store will be LIVE. The countdown is on…



an evening in the kitchen – pt. 2

It turns out my first batch of cold porcelain was no good. Like just about everything seen on Pinterest – easier said than done. But I wasn’t giving up just yet, I mean I had already dedicated a whole BOARD on Pinterest just for cold porcelain. So over the weekend I gave it a second shot and my dough turned out wonderfully. It actually looked like it was supposed to in the step by step tutorial pictures I was following online. Out came the rolling pin and cookie cutters to make the Christmas ornaments.

Now I’m experiencing another problem: the edges of the pieces curling up. I mean who is gonna want this?? Maybe someone who likes Pringles.

I’m thinking of ditching the ornaments idea and focusing on jewelry. Here is a preview of the one thing that HAS turned out good – ROSES! And you can see I even started experimenting with colors!

Since I finally DID something I saw on Pinterest (click here for my board about Cold Porcelain) I decided I’d join in the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition over on YoungHouseLove and post my project!

an evening in the kitchen

What exactly am I doing? Well no, not baking a delicious cake, but that would have been a lot more rewarding. I decided to give this project a try and make some homemade cold porcelain. YES, I actually DID something I found on Pinterest. As you can tell by the mess I made the project wasn’t exactly seamless but at this very moment my cold porcelain paste is sealed in its zip lock bag waiting to be made into some wonderful surprises! Stay tuned for Part 2 of “in the kitchen with Megan”.

PS – my thumb still hurts from peeling frozen bananas

PPS – did you notice my “Here’s the BEEF” t-shirt under my apron? yep, courtesy of Wendy’s

spray painters anonymous

A few weekends ago I went on a spray painting binge. Meaning: I bought quite a few colors of spray paint and went to town giving old things a new look. If there’s anything I’ve learned from YoungHouseLove and Pinterest it’s that you really can spray paint anything. Check out my multi-tasking skills:

For example, old candlestick holders? From brass to blue to stone. I picked blue first because it was something I normally wouldn’t pick so I thought it’d be a nice accent. Nope, I liked it less and less the longer they sat on the mantle. So on went a couple more coats (thin and even per Sherry @ YoungHouseLove) of stone instead, I’m much more pleased with that outcome.

Next up, picture frames. I’ve got plans for a big photo frame collage wall and have been collecting frames from thrift stores with plans to paint most of them. Who knows how long it’ll take to get the photo wall started, much less completed, with my reputation when it comes to projects.

Lastly, but most exciting, a hair barrette. For a year I’ve been searching high and low for a metal feather-shaped hair clip. I found one on Etsy that was just perfect and only $5. The only problem, it was a strange metallic green color. Nothing spray paint can’t fixed. At last, I’ve got a beautiful oil-rubbed bronze barrette!

how-to {decorate with wood}

While browsing Pinterest (see previous post for more on that obsession) (also one of the main reasons why I haven’t had as much time for blogging lately) I stumbled upon an awesome scrap wood clock. Of course I was interested since scrap wood projects and a homemade clock are both currently on my to-do list/in-the-middle-of-doing list. So I clicked away and made it back to the original blog post on Shelterness (basically my new favorite website aside from Pinterest) that included a series of 6 different posts on using tree pieces for decor. To me – THIS is decor to die for. I love nature and nature inspired art, furniture, color schemes, etc etc.

Now I’m bursting with new ideas of projects involving tree branches, trunks, and even bark! So while I’m off searching for the time (and tree pieces) to do it all, head over to the Shelterness blog to check out some ideas for yourself.