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Archive for January, 2012

a crochet baby blanket

I thought I had posted this months ago but for some reason I didn’t, so here’s a crochet project I worked on last year! After showing off the NC State baby blanket and crochet cardigan I made for Clara, one of my coworkers commissioned me to make a blanket for his daughter with the color scheme I used for Clara’s sweater. The final size of this one was about 36in x 36in and features a cute girly ruffle for the edging. Still loving this one!


more crochet baby boots

I recently finished another pair of crochet baby ankle boots with matching crochet rose headband that David bought as a baby shower gift for one of his coworkers. I’m so lucky to have a great boyfriend who is supportive of my hobbies and my new Etsy store!!! 🙂 You know that Handmade Ryan Gosling blog I mentioned last month? Well I’m pretty sure David may be even better than than!

I also made a pair of cute pink boots with lace covered buttons, now available in my Etsy shop!

a handmade christmas, continued

Christmas has come and gone so I can share the rest of my handmade gifts without spoiling any surprises. Giving gifts was much more exciting this year with the two new people in my life – baby Clara and David! A baby girl just NEEDS crocheted gifts. And a boyfriend just NEEDS a crocheted wool hat!