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crochet baby boots

This week I made the cutest, most adorable boots for Clara. Jennifer found a picture of some and asked if I could make them and a week later…

A new pair of grey boots with cool brown/black wooden buttons!

Look how stylish she is!





STUDIO{1859} on ETSY!

The whole reason I started this blog was because I wanted to start an Etsy shop. As you may have noticed ever since my blog began there has been a link to Studio{1859} on Etsy and beside of that link it has said <<still in progress>> because I haven’t gotten around to actually making things to list in the shop.

Long story short, it only took 8 months after creating the shop on Etsy to list the first item for sale. So click away and take a quick peek to see that the link no longer says still in progress but says OPEN!

PS – If anyone reading this is actually interested in purchasing an item and I know you personally then ask me for a free shipping code and I’ll hand deliver!

the first pair

Here they are… the first pair of completed handmade cold porcelain rose earrings!

I’ve actually finished a few pairs at this point (and a ring and a necklace and pendants). I just need to snap a few more pics and then the Etsy store will be LIVE. The countdown is on…



an evening in the kitchen – pt. 2

It turns out my first batch of cold porcelain was no good. Like just about everything seen on Pinterest – easier said than done. But I wasn’t giving up just yet, I mean I had already dedicated a whole BOARD on Pinterest just for cold porcelain. So over the weekend I gave it a second shot and my dough turned out wonderfully. It actually looked like it was supposed to in the step by step tutorial pictures I was following online. Out came the rolling pin and cookie cutters to make the Christmas ornaments.

Now I’m experiencing another problem: the edges of the pieces curling up. I mean who is gonna want this?? Maybe someone who likes Pringles.

I’m thinking of ditching the ornaments idea and focusing on jewelry. Here is a preview of the one thing that HAS turned out good – ROSES! And you can see I even started experimenting with colors!

Since I finally DID something I saw on Pinterest (click here for my board about Cold Porcelain) I decided I’d join in the Pinterest Challenge Fall Edition over on YoungHouseLove and post my project!