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Archive for September 6, 2011

how-to {decorate with wood}

While browsing Pinterest (see previous post for more on that obsession) (also one of the main reasons why I haven’t had as much time for blogging lately) I stumbled upon an awesome scrap wood clock. Of course I was interested since scrap wood projects and a homemade clock are both currently on my to-do list/in-the-middle-of-doing list. So I clicked away and made it back to the original blog post on Shelterness (basically my new favorite website aside from Pinterest) that included a series of 6 different posts on using tree pieces for decor. To me – THIS is decor to die for. I love nature and nature inspired art, furniture, color schemes, etc etc.

Now I’m bursting with new ideas of projects involving tree branches, trunks, and even bark! So while I’m off searching for the time (and tree pieces) to do it all, head over to the Shelterness blog to check out some ideas for yourself.