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flower power

I’ve never been very good at gardening or keeping flowers alive and beautiful. I think I forget that you need to water flowers pretty much everyday. I guess remembering to do something everyday is too much for me – at least when its something new I’m trying. Last month I planted some flowers in the front yard, in the flower box along the picture window and potted some by the side door. Oh and inherited quite a few beauties that don’t require much up-keep. I mainly planted Impatiens since they grow well in the shade and thanks to some quite large oak trees I’ve got more than enough shade. I’ve never known why they are called Impatiens but I always laugh about them because I think they are very fitting for me – a quite impatient person. Today as I was watering the flowers (yep, today was a day that I actually remembered to do that) I realized they’ve grown a lot and look more beautiful than when I first planted them!


One response

  1. Jennie

    Very pretty!!! You’ve done a good job!

    June 1, 2011 at 11:28 pm

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