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shackleford banks

This past weekend I went on a kayaking trip with my Dad to the outer banks. We hit the road around 6am Saturday morning with Harker’s Island as our destination – about a 4 hour drive from Southern Pines. Once we made it there it took a little while to unload the kayaks and get everything packed up into them. We paddled for 4 miles from Harker’s Island to Shackleford Banks with the wind and waves against us most of the time.

Once we reached the destination it was time to set up camp! I was excited to use my new tent. Ok well, not really new, but new to me. Back in January at an REI garage sale I scored this awesome North Face Tadpole 23 two person backpacking tent. And this trip gave me the chance to finally get to use it!

We walked down the beach for a couple hours and also hiked through the center of the island to reach the other side. Oh and did I mention there are wild horses? We stumbled across quite a few of those. Well, actually they stumbled across us since we were apparently right in their grazing path.

While hiking across the island we picked up quite a bit of dead limbs to use for firewood later in the night. We cooked some supper with dad’s Jet Boil and watched the sunset over camp. Oh and I forgot to mention I stepped on a baby cactus that tried to leave its 2 inch needle in my foot.

After a good night’s sleep in my trusty tent we made some breakfast that was interrupted by a rainstorm. Thankfully it didn’t last much more than an hour and then it cleared up to be a beautiful day. We packed up camp, packed up the kayaks and headed about half a mile across the sound to Cape Lookout. We explored the lighthouse for a little bit before heading back to Harker’s Island.

Pretty sure I spent half my time and energy getting back going the right direction. I just couldn’t keep that thing straight and it went the opposite direction of where ever I was trying to go! But it was a great time!



One response

  1. Tony Patnode

    Nice story Megan. You left out the part about being attacked by the cactus!

    Love, Dad

    May 19, 2011 at 10:58 pm

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