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flower power

I’ve never been very good at gardening or keeping flowers alive and beautiful. I think I forget that you need to water flowers pretty much everyday. I guess remembering to do something everyday is too much for me – at least when its something new I’m trying. Last month I planted some flowers in the front yard, in the flower box along the picture window and potted some by the side door. Oh and inherited quite a few beauties that don’t require much up-keep. I mainly planted Impatiens since they grow well in the shade and thanks to some quite large oak trees I’ve got more than enough shade. I’ve never known why they are called Impatiens but I always laugh about them because I think they are very fitting for me – a quite impatient person. Today as I was watering the flowers (yep, today was a day that I actually remembered to do that) I realized they’ve grown a lot and look more beautiful than when I first planted them!


heavenly hammock

A little piece of heaven is in my backyard now. Yes, a hammock. [and a Pawley’s Island Original at that, thanks to awesome deals on!] There is something you should know about me – I’m in love with hammocks, and by in love I mean OBSESSED. Now I just need to find the energy to build the stone patio I’ve been day dreaming of to give 1859 a little outdoor entertaining action. Oh, and should probably get a few mosquito candles while I’m at it. So I’m sharing these thoughts with you this evening while laying in my piece of heaven as the sun is slowly setting, the fireflies are lighting up and the cool air is rolling in. Wait, did I say cool air? It may be cooler than it was at the peak of the day, but I wouldn’t exactly call 80’s cool. Anyways, here she is… [in the words of The Patnodes] …BOOM!

shackleford banks

This past weekend I went on a kayaking trip with my Dad to the outer banks. We hit the road around 6am Saturday morning with Harker’s Island as our destination – about a 4 hour drive from Southern Pines. Once we made it there it took a little while to unload the kayaks and get everything packed up into them. We paddled for 4 miles from Harker’s Island to Shackleford Banks with the wind and waves against us most of the time.

Once we reached the destination it was time to set up camp! I was excited to use my new tent. Ok well, not really new, but new to me. Back in January at an REI garage sale I scored this awesome North Face Tadpole 23 two person backpacking tent. And this trip gave me the chance to finally get to use it!

We walked down the beach for a couple hours and also hiked through the center of the island to reach the other side. Oh and did I mention there are wild horses? We stumbled across quite a few of those. Well, actually they stumbled across us since we were apparently right in their grazing path.

While hiking across the island we picked up quite a bit of dead limbs to use for firewood later in the night. We cooked some supper with dad’s Jet Boil and watched the sunset over camp. Oh and I forgot to mention I stepped on a baby cactus that tried to leave its 2 inch needle in my foot.

After a good night’s sleep in my trusty tent we made some breakfast that was interrupted by a rainstorm. Thankfully it didn’t last much more than an hour and then it cleared up to be a beautiful day. We packed up camp, packed up the kayaks and headed about half a mile across the sound to Cape Lookout. We explored the lighthouse for a little bit before heading back to Harker’s Island.

Pretty sure I spent half my time and energy getting back going the right direction. I just couldn’t keep that thing straight and it went the opposite direction of where ever I was trying to go! But it was a great time!


babies need stuff.. HOMEMADE stuff!

As I’m sure all of my 2 dedicated readers know that my brother and his wife Jennifer are expecting a baby girl this June! [check out their blog for all kinds of baby posts] With less than 6 weeks to go they have been showered with lots of love and present for baby P. Since this blog is partially dedicated to DIY projects and crafts, I just had to share some of the things I’ve made for my soon to be niece.

The week I found out they were expecting, I immediately ran to the craft store and bought lots of red and white yarn. A couple years ago I crocheted an NC State afghan for Brian’s birthday (also made one for dad too), knowing that one day I’d crochet a matching baby sized one when they finally decided it was baby time. So I modified my existing pattern to make a smaller sized blanket and of course add some cute girly ruffles to the edging. I can gladly share a tutorial of the stitches I used and designed a pattern if anyone is actually interested, or would be glad to make one for you through my Etsy store! [Of course I can design one for any alma mater, although of course the Wolfpack would be my team of choice.]

Here she is, the finished product:

At Jennifer’s first shower with lots of lovely ladies from Mosaic she received quite a few adorable handmade gifts. After this I knew I had to up my game for the next shower because I’m the creative, crafty aunt so I’ve got to make something awesome. That left me about a month and a half to whip up this little number:

Sarah and I (yay aunts!!) hosted a shower for Jennifer for family and friends and I was given the task of invitations. Using my drawing and computer skills I designed some lovely invites (seen in the pictures with the cupcakes – design says “baby P is on her way”) and did some at home printing on a card/envelope combo pack from Michaels. I also designed notes to tie onto our party favors and letters for everyone to fill out with their “wishes for baby” to put into an album for Jennifer, Brian, and soon-to-be baby Clara to remember.

Sarah and I (with a little help from mom) made a diaper cake! No, this is not a cake in the shape of a diaper. Or a cake that smells like diapers (thank goodness). It is a pretend cake made out of diapers and baby accessories. After watching some youtube demos and googling lots of diaper cake ideas we spent one Saturday morning “baking” this cake:

Looking forward to many more years to come of making things for baby P! Oh, and here’s a few more shots from the shower this past Saturday at mom’s house.

if i had wings

One of the greatest mysteries of the world. I don’t know if anyone will ever have an answer – why don’t they just fly across the street? I know what I’d do if I had wings, I’d certainly be flying, NOT waiting around on traffic to get places. And now I know not necessarily why they do it, but at least that they teach them young. No, I’m not talking about why the chicken crossed the street – I’m talking about geese. It drives me crazy seeing geese waddle around in parking lots and crossing streets. Can we give them a ticket for j-walking? The other day I saw a family of geese teaching the babies to walk through the parking lot. As much as this irritated me, I just couldn’t help but take a picture of the babies.

But how could you  hate a baby animal?