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what a difference a door makes

Ever since day 1 in 1859 I haven’t been a fan of the doors. It was just something about that plain wood tone clashing with the beautiful wood floors and the fresh white trim. Oh, and that shiny brass hardware. It was a far cry from my favorite of the metal finishes, oil rubbed bronze. Since I’m also not big on the standard 6 panel door, I had my eye on some 2 paneled babies for many months. Being the decidated Lowe’s shopper I am, I waited until I had a “$25 off $250 purchase” coupon to take the plunge. [It also helped that I had been saving up some Lowe’s gift cards. Anyone who knows me knows I love a Lowe’s gift card. Forget a manicure, a new dress or a new pair of high heels – I’ll take a Lowe’s gift card please. Is it strange that I feel more comfortable in Lowe’s than most any shopping mall?]


Back in October I made one of my typical Friday evening trips to Lowe’s; I prefer to go on weekday evenings because it is halfway between work and home, so a very convenient stop during the 45 minutes commute. My shopping list was quite long since I tend to wait and buy lots of things all at once. Most importantly on the list: four 2-panel interior doors, four door knob sets, 8 hinges, and 1 door hardware installation kit. I managed to fit all four of these doors in the Civic (thank goodness for backseats that fold down) and then the doors proceeded to sit in the hallway for months. Well, at least half of them did. Right away I replaced the guest bedroom door (Candelyn was living here at the time, so it was her room for the time being).

I don’t think I knew what I was getting into when I decided to do all of this on my own. Chiseling the spaces for the hinges, drilling the door knob openings, adding all of the hardware and hanging it securing so it actually closes. My first door went pretty smoothly, it only took me like 4 hours though… oh boy! But I was in love – in love with a door! This was the only door of the four that fit perfectly without sanding or trimming. I also replaced the coat closet door and had to sand the edges of it quite a bit. It was still a tight squeeze into the frame so I avoiding opening that door for about 3 months since it didn’t quite fit. It didn’t go quite as smoothly as the first one, obviously. Oh and it fell on me at one point, leaving my shoulder very bruised and a big dent in the door (at least it was on the inside). I came to a stand still when the bathroom and my bedroom door were going to need some serious trimming.

Fast forward to April and I decided it was finally time to finish this project. Oh, and it helped that I decided to purchase a planer – another addition to my power tool collection. It took me most of a Saturday to hang the final two doors, but I did it! A home improvement project just isn’t complete without at least one injury. This time I dropped a door on my foot and landed a nice bruise that was still there weeks later. The old doors are now sitting in the workshop with all the hardware still attached. Think I can get $5 for them from Craigslist? Haha, I’ll at least give it a try!

Now all that was left was to add 2 coats of OW-18. [My go-to white oil-based trim paint by Benjamin Moore. I think the first rule my mom taught me in home improvement is always use Benjamin Moore. I’m not sure why this was an important rule, but now I only use big Ben when it comes to painting because Mom said so.] I spent a Saturday painting the first coat on all of the doors and a week later I finally got around to painting the second and final coat. And I added some hooks to the back of the bathroom door and my bedroom door. They were finished at last! It was only 6 months in the making… didn’t I tell you I have the bad habit of starting projects and not finishing them exactly in a timely matter? Its been at least a year since I started working on my closet doors and have yet to get those finished.


One response

  1. Lauren

    They look awesome! What a difference 🙂 I can’t wait to get rid of our ugly brass knobs around here… unfortunately we have a LOT of them, though. Good work lady!

    May 1, 2011 at 12:47 pm

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