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Day 6 – Thursday, February 24th, 2011 – COPENHAGEN

Today we had a real plan. And Dave joined our adventures again as his time sadly came to an end in the poker tournament.  After bacon, eggs, and pancakes, we bundled up again with maps in hand. Nia’s hands that is. Now the pressure was all on her for navigating. We actually had everything we wanted to see and do that day circled on the map and ordered based on location, so that way we weren’t just wandering around aimlessly [like the previous day] in hopes of happening upon what we wanted to see.

Today was cold, really cold, and windy. So we utilized that free transportation with the Copenhagen Card and took the 5A bus up to Botanisk Have (aka botanical gardens). Not much to see here in the dead of winter. Next up on the agenda: the old observatory, aka The Round Tower. The Trinitatis Church and the Round Tower are built together. History was my worst subject in school and I got around even having to take a history class in college, so I’m terrible with remembering dates and important names and all that stuff. So this place was pretty old and is the oldest observatory still standing in Copenhagen, that’s about all I can say on the history side. To get to the top of the Observatory you walk up a long spiraling ramp. And suddenly I felt like I was walking to Calculus class in Harrelson Hall. [All you NC State grads out there should get my reference here!] It made for some pretty great pictures as did the awesome view of the city from the top! As I already said, it was a windy day, so we didn’t stay at the top for long or else we’d all have been blown over the side. On the way back down we stopped at the gift shop that also doubled as a gallery for an art exhibit about food of the world. This is where we discovered that somehow North Carolina translates into North Kentucky according to the Danes. This is also where we discovered that the US, England, and Canada eat all packaged, processed, and fast foods, where as every other country eats beautiful home grown fresh fruits, veggies, and grains. Oh wait, we already knew that because America is fat. But it was crazy to see it all in picture form based on how much families eat in a week around the world. We spent a while at this exhibit. Not necessarily because we were that interested, but because it was inside and warm and had a clean bathroom.

That’s two places checked off the list and now we’ve worked up quite the appetite. Remember that lunch meat currently stored in the bag hanging outside of our window at the Radisson? Well today we all packed lunches from the “window sandwiches” as we dubbed them and the snacks that Nia and I brought along from home. We decided it would be best to find somewhere inside to eat because eating in the cold is no fun. Where else could be go besides McDonalds?! So once again we made our way in, ordered a couple varm kakaos from the coinoffer menur for 10 kroner and set up shop with our bag lunches. It was also a perk that McDonalds had free wifi. I’m sure glad they offer that since none of the airports like to.

Then we went to Amalienborg.  Nia tried to just walk right on in since we weren’t sure where the entrance was. Then a guard with his gun in hand quickly stopped her when he realized no, we were not in fact royalty. So he directed us to the proper entrance and we explored. Another place that made you pay to take pictures inside, so we left the cameras in the lockers. Strangely there was random things that didn’t belong in each historic room (aka: an iphone, a camera, a laptop, etc.) and Dave and Nia quickly caught on that we found ourselves in the middle of a game for kids – to spot things that didn’t belong. I think we had more fun with it than the kids did. Next we headed to Kastellet. I’m not really sure what this place is, but basically its a little island in the shape of a star surrounded by a mote. I thought it would be great to walk around the trail on the edge of star island. We crossed the mote bridge and were nearly blown into the mote because the wind was so intense. Basically you then have to walk around most of star island to get to another bridge to get off of it. Thanks to me, we were stuck walking in the freezing wind for a while. When we made it off star island, we were then in search of The Little Mermaid.

Our hopes weren’t too high when it came to the Little Mermaid since my book said it was in fact LITTLE. But this thing was famous in Copenhagen and a must see. We were getting pretty miserable at this point from the cold and wind and of course, having trouble finding her. We did however first find what we dubbed the BIG mermaid. I have no idea where we actually were, but we came across and giant mermaid statue that had at least a D cup. Not sure why this statue wasn’t the famous one? After we realized we walked way too far we did some back tracking and found the real little mermaid. In all her tiny glory. We forced ourselves to smile for a picture after all the trouble we went through to find her. See all that snow she is surrounded by? That is normally water, the nice canal, but February means ice.

We walked a ways afterwards trying to find a bus stop that would take us home. Never had we felt so much joy to sit down in a warm seat. With Nia in charge for the day we had a game plan and checked everything off our to-do list (except sampling some varm kakao at Peter Beier Chokolade – but we opted to leave that for the next day) and maybe fit a few too many things in one day because we were exhausted. The rest of our evening was spent with more “free sandwiches” in the Player’s Lounge, watching some youtube favorites, and catching up on the latest episodes of The Bachelor and Modern Family. I think the Bachelor was Dave’s favorite part of the day.


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