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Day 5 – Wednesday, February 23rd, 2011 – COPENHAGEN

We awoke to a winter wonderland. Just the right amount of snow to make for beautiful pictures and beautiful places. View from our window:

It was another morning started by bacon, eggs, and pancakes. And real maple syrup. Today Dave would be playing poker all day, so it was Nia and I’s solo adventure in the city. Thanks to her googling the night before, we had somewhat of a plan. Thanks to the airport, the hotel, and my Day to Day Guide to Copenhagen, I had at least 4 maps. [NONE of which were good, or detailed enough, except for the one withthe 3-D drawings and store names. I’m pretty sure there were at least 5 H&M’s in this city. Whenever we weren’t sure where we were, we would get our bearings back based on H&M.] We strolled through the streets, ended up in the middle of a university area, and took lots of pictures. This time Nia was more allowing with my picture taking because she also was picture taking with that big-a camera. At one point she had gates shut in front of her because apparently the alley we were taking a picture of was the entrance to someone’s home. This city is so colorful and full of bicycles. Even in the winter time, the Danes love those bicycles.

We found the Royal Gardens while in search for Rosenborg Slot. It was beautiful covered in snow. This made for LOTS of self timer photo ops with Nia’s big-a camera. Of which featured many jumping shots. With trees aligning the walkway like so, how could you not stop for nearly an hour of photo taking? When our fingers were nearing frostbite we realized it was probably time to head inside of Rosenborg Slot (the Queen’s castle) and take advantage of our Copenhagen Card freebies. Somehow the birds were NOT nearing frostbite and wanted to go for a swim in the only non-frozen part of the mote around the castle. 

There is so much more history in Europe. All of the architecture is hundreds of years older than that in the US and probably took decades more to build compared to the standard building in the US. The detail is amazing! In order to take pictures inside most of the places, you had to pay an extra fee. So we opted to keep the cameras in their cases and just take in all of the detail. We also made up stories for any of the castles/museums/sights that didn’t have English info. I’m pretty sure some of our stories were way better than whatever was actually true.

After a morning/afternoon of walking in the snow the only thing that could possibly come next is ahotdog. The day before all I talked about was the snow and hotdogs but Dave wouldn’t let us stop forhotdogs. So on our day without Dave, what else could be do but eat hotdogs? And Peter said we had to have a hotdog on the street. It was delicious! Peter also recommended a Canal Tour. Unfortunately the canal was frozen. No canal tour for us. Our next stop for the day’s adventures was Christiansborg Slot. We checked out the Royal Reception Rooms. They also had stables at Christiansborg, which – surprise! – made me happy. The convo with the ticket ladies went a little something like this – me: “are the stables open” ladies: “yes, they are open to the public” “are there horses?” “yes” “real ones??” “no, we just put cardboard cut outs” – cue the sarcasm I talked about here. We didn’t end up having enough time that day to check out the stables, thats a shame. The good thing about visiting Copenhagen in February is that we were the only tourists there. Most of the sights we went to, we were the only people there. So the Royal Reception Rooms at Christiansborg Slot were a fun adventure being the only ones there. But this was yet another place you had ot pay extra to take pictures, so we left the cameras in their cases. After Christiansborg we wanted to make it over to Ny Havn before heading back to our temporary home. This was the day I was in charge of the 4+ maps and navigating. And throw in stops for door pictures, this equaled quite a bit of getting lost. We didn’t make it to Ny Havn until the sun was nearly setting, which meant we were going to have to find our way back to the Radisson in the dark (once again). I’d say it was worth it, look at this place.

This was the second time during the trip we wondered if Dave was even worried about us. It was dark and we weren’t home yet. We took the 5A bus back and got there just in time for more “free sandwiches”, soccer, guitar hero, and telling Dave about everything we did for the day. Nia did some more googling and planning for our next day’s agenda. I was no longer allowed to hold the 4+ maps because I lost all directional sense. I think I’m gonna need to work on this before I can make an appearance on Amazing Race.


2 responses

  1. Jennie

    Love hearing your stories….you know how much I love stories!! 🙂

    March 28, 2011 at 6:38 am

  2. sarah

    I think I probably want to frame the tree pic. It’s my favorite. Also, I like your blog better that “the patnodes” because you update way more frequently 🙂 hehe love u!

    March 28, 2011 at 6:40 am

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