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Day 4 – Tuesday, February 22nd, 2011 – COPENHAGEN

Our first full day in the city. Its way more awesome in the daylight than it was in the darkness the previous night as we wondered the city toting 100lbs of luggage. The Radisson Blu may have had tiny beds, but they did not make any compromises when it came to breakfast. Maple syrup, REAL maple syrup, I think Nia was in heaven. After filling ourselves with bacon, eggs, and pancakes we bundled up in our boots, jackets, scarfs and toboggans in preparation for the day ahead of us. On the agenda: go to a grocery store, buy a Copenhagen Card, and familiarize ourselves with the city. Dave had the day off from the poker tournament and joined us for the explorations.

First stop, grocery store. We filled our basket with bread, cheese, sandwich meat, and Applesin, AKA our lunches for the week. This was part of our low budget plan – fill up on continental breakfast, grocery store sandwiches for lunch, and dinners were up in the air. We made our way back to the Radisson to drop off our groceries and this is when we discovered our mini-fridge did not actually refrigerate. This is also when Dave had the best idea he had all week. Fill a plastic bag with our perishables and hang it out the window. Yes, it was that cold that the air outside was able to refrigerate our kind of questionable meat and cheese purchases the entire week.

Now it was back out into the cold for number 2 on our agenda. I think this is when I started getting in trouble by Nia and Dave for taking too many pictures of doors and bicycles. What can I say? I have a strange obsession with doors! They even tried to hide from me in a phone booth as I stopped to take pictures of Tivola (a cute little amusement park in the middle of the city) and pouted because it didn’t open until April. It also was snowing at this point and I was in awe of the snow and the beauty of the city! 300 door pictures later we arrived at the Visitor’s Center, which conveniently happened just as the snow turned into a blizzard. So we spent some time in the Visitor’s Center making mental notes of all the recommended to-do’s. Nia and I purchased a Copenhagen Card, which I had researched prior to the trip and thought it was a must. The Copenhagen Card gave free entrance to over 65 musuems, attractions and sights during a 72 hr period. Oh and also free transportation on buses and metros throughout the greater Copenhagen area – this ended up being a life saver many times throughout the  next 72hrs – when we were cold and lost, we’d just hop on a bus.

A few things I’ve learned about the Danes:

  1. The Danes are trusting people. We learned this when we saw bikes parked everywhere without locks, baby strollers left outside of restaurants and stores, no one checking to see if you actually purchased a metro ticket, jackets and umbrellas left at the entrances to many museums/castles, and to begin the 72hrs for your Copenhagen Card, you simply sign your name and write the date and time on it.
  2. The Danes are also extremely nice, funny, and sarcastic people. The only time we encountered someone who didn’t fulfill these qualities is when Nia accidentally walked in front of a man as we exited a bus. He proceeded to track us down at the bus stop while cussing at her in Danish all up in her face.
  3. The Danes are also all pretty good looking. At one time I read a poll which said that Denmark is the happiest country in the world. This being because they all have low expectations – so they are always pleasantly surprised! After visiting Denmark, I’d have to say they are the happiest country in the world because they are all hilarious and pretty hot. Who wouldn’t be happy if they were surrounded by funny, good looking people all the time?!

And back to our day – with our Copenhagen Cards purchased, we continued to explore the city in the blizzard. We didn’t make it far outside before we decided it was a must that we stopped for coffee. And free wifi. We ordered our varm kakao, took a seat, and all hit the “Turn on Wifi” buttons on our phones. Despite not having cell service, we all took advantage of any wifi available to keep in touch.

The afternoon was about as much as we could handle of the blizzard, so we headed back to the Radisson, feeling much more confident about our directional senses in the city. [Ok, maybe I didn’t exactly. I was in charge for one day, and after being lost nearly the whole day, my privileges were revoked.] Once back at our temporary home (read: the Radisson Blu), Dave introduced us to the Player’s Lounge. Since we were his guests for the European Poker Tour, we could also hang out in the room that the designated for all the Poker Stars. They had guitar hero, foosball, giant projector playing sports, every guys dream. We helped ourselves to all of this entertainment and began to meet some of the other poker players. This is when Nia and I realized that everyone was wondering what our story was. Dave has two ladies as his guests. A girlfriend and her friend, perhaps? Apparently he got lots of questions throughout the week. We wanted him to tell everyone we were his Sister Wives. But being we were nearly the only Americans there we didn’t think all the foreigners would think it was as funny as we did.

The sign outside the lounge advertised “Free sandwiches and beer @ 6pm”, for the Copenhagen soccer game. Boy are these people into their soccer! We stuck around to see what this was all about. Well, it sure was a heck of a sandwich. They served a delicious buffet meal, which to our surprise, was going to happen every night. SCORE, more free delicious food; this fits quite nicely in our low budget plan. We enjoyed ourselves in the Player’s Lounge for the rest of the evening – guitar hero, food, drinks, soccer, new friends. It was a good evening and a good ending to our first full day in the city. Oh, and we still had to plan out our next day’s adventures. We picked a few places as our destinations. I was too tired to plan much, so Nia googled away to make us a better plan.


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